Get The Shot Right With a Top Quality Hair and Makeup Artist


In the high pressure world of broadcast video production, you know you have to get the shot right. The best way to make sure your shoot lives up to its creative potential is to make sure you've got the right talent on the team. Your crew must be top quality. Having a top quality hair and makeup artist on set is essential for your end result to turn out the best it can.  If you're in the market for a hair and makeup artist for your next shoot, here are a few things to keep in mind.


One of the most important qualities in a hair and makeup artist is versatility. A great artist should be able to work with a variety of skin tones, hair types, and textures. Whether you're working on a commercial for a large corporation or a smaller independent project, your artist should be able to adapt to the needs of your shoot.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is also a crucial quality for a hair and makeup artist. From ensuring that every strand of hair is in place to creating a flawless makeup application, the smallest details can make a big difference in the final product. A great artist should be meticulous and take the time to ensure that every aspect of their work is perfect.


Professionalism is another important quality to look for in a hair and makeup artist. They should be reliable, arrive on time, and be prepared to work efficiently throughout the shoot. They should also be able to work collaboratively with the rest of the production team, taking direction and communicating effectively.

Understanding of Lighting

An understanding of lighting is also critical for a hair and makeup artist. They should be able to work with the lighting in the environment to ensure that their work is complementary and enhances the overall look of the shoot. They should also be aware of how their work will translate on camera, and make adjustments accordingly.

Creative Eye

Finally, a great hair and makeup artist should have a creative eye. They should be able to conceptualize and execute unique and innovative looks that are both visually stunning and complementary to the overall aesthetic of the shoot. A creative artist can take your project to the next level and add a unique flair that sets it apart from the competition.


In conclusion, finding the right hair and makeup artist for your commercial broadcast video or photography shoot can be a challenging task. However, by looking for an artist who is versatile, detail-oriented, professional, knowledgeable about lighting, and has a creative eye, you can be sure that you're choosing an artist who will help make your project a success.